No Kill Nation

100% of all donations go to the animals.

Located in rural Palm Beach County Florida, Tiki Kiti & Poni Rescue specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of felines and equines.

Life saving percentage = 100% We do not euthanize for space. Animals that "pass in our care" are strictly by veterinarian recommendation or critical health issues and not ever performed by Tiki Kiti & Poni Rescue, Inc. staff or volunteers. Euthanasia is performed off site by at our licensed veterinarians office.

Tiki Kiti & Poni Rescue rehabilitates injured equines.
Due to lack of funding and limited space, Tiki Kiti can only take in equines who have a sponsor, and have a forever home to return to once sound and cleared by a veterinarian.

Annual Stats for Feline (2016): TNVR = 98 | Adopted = 28 | Rescue = 12.
We have dedicated our lives and resources to the rehabilitation and placement of these animals in need.

Special Events!

The Feral Cat Barn Project

The Feral Cat Barn Project

The Feral Cat Barn is made possible through a special private foundation Grant.

Thank you so very much!

- Sincerely, Dana Caplan and the all the Tiki Cats

Our Mission

To rehabilitate animals, or assist with other pet owners animals after surgeries working with your Vet.

Our adoption program consists of networking and social media, along with occasional public adoption events. We also offer special needs Volunteers the opportunity to assist with care of the animals. It is always our primary aim to find great homes for the “adoptable” animals, but some will have a permanent home/sanctuary here due to physical problems that render them un-adoptable.

We need as much support as possible to feed, care and house these animals. All of your donations are greatly appreciated, and 100% of donations will go to the rescue for feed, housing, Vet care, supplies, PT, construction, expansion and improvements.

Tiki Kiti & Poni Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to giving abandoned, sick, paralyzed/mobility challenged, brain injured, ferals and abused animals a second chance at life.

We Need Your Help

With our 'sanctuary' animals, we have have many mouths to feed.

We are not a public facility, but more akin to a rehabilitation sanctuary and are also foster based, in desperate need of fosters as well.

All daily updates, adoptions and news are always on our Face Book page. Thank you again for your interest and support in our mission to save the animals in our area.

If you would consider a donation, please click the link in the menu bar above or below. Thank you so very much for your support.